Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rattlesnake Ledge

WAHOO! First hike of the season and I decided to do the thigh burner known as Rattlesnake Ledge.

View from the top
Other than Mt. Si, this is one of the most crowded trails in the North Bend area. Probably because it's relatively short and the views are spectacular! I mean, look at the color of that lake!

This is an unedited picture. That's the actual color of the lake!

North Bend and Mt. Si (I was having too much fun with my editing software!)
Going up the trail, we saw lots of people with minimal equipment, aka trail runners. I would love to get in shape to run this trail, but I'm nowhere near that!

From left to right: Valerie, me, Beverly, Julia, Jaci and Meadow

Since it was a nice day, it was definitely crowded. We left the parking lot at about 9:30 am and when we got to the top around 11 am, there was 30-40 people also at the top. I swear we passed by at least a hundred people on the way down!

Rattlesnake Ledge from the lake

I definitely want to do this hike again soon. It's relatively easy, as long as you take your time and try not to rush your way to the top. I'm planning on doing this one again soon (and many more times) as a quick after work hike.

Our leader, Meadow

If you plan on doing this hike during a nice weekend, I suggest getting there early. The parking lot was full when we got back down, AND there was a third of a mile long line of cars parked on both sides of the road. On a not so nice weekend, you might be able to squeeze in a spot, but I wouldn't count on it!

Rattlesnake Lake
If you are looking for a good workout with some breathtaking views, try Rattlesnake Ledge. You won't believe your eyes when you get to the top!

Driving directions and more information here.


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