Allergy Free

Some words of caution on my allergy free recipes for those who have serious allergies:

My recipes will almost always be completely egg free.

However, they will not be completely dairy free. When I say dairy-free, I am talking mainly about cow's milk.

-Butter does not affect me like other dairy products, so often in baking recipes, I will leave some if not all of it in a recipe.
-I am not allergic to goat or sheep's milk, so I will tend to substitute these in for certain cheeses.
-If you have a nut or soy allergy, double check the recipes. I use almond and soy products in place of milk, heavy cream, yogurt, sour cream and other cow's milk products.

When I label recipes with any allergy-free, I assume the shopper will pick brands that are free of whatever allergy you suffer from.

I hope that you will enjoy some of my allergy-free recipes. If you do try them, I would love to hear your opinions on them!


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