Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Library Addiction

Ok I have something to admit. I have an addiction to books.

Whew. That wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Ok, here's the lowdown on my book problem.

I love checking books out from the library. I love looking through them all and reading them and then returning them (usually late because I have a problem finishing all of them by the time they are due). The King County Library system has gotten plenty of dinero out of me over the years.

I used to have a problem where if I saw a cookbook I liked, I would buy it. Hence my 178 cookbooks. Now, I can simply put it on my wishlist and hope that someone will buy it for me for Christmas or my birthday (hint hint!).

But all those other books, they are just waiting for me to read them! I have huge lists of books I want to read, but those lists get put aside when I find other books to read.

To give you a scope of my issue, on average I will have around 50 books checked out at once. There was one point when I had my library card maxed out at 100 books checked out and had to resort to using my mom's card. I haven't had to do that since, but let me tell you, I've been tempted.

Does anyone else have a book addiction like I do? Or am I just the crazy one? :)

In case you were wondering about the pictures, Seasonal Kitchen is my favorite cookbook, hands down and What I Eat is a book I just finished and highly recommend to everyone!

Have a great day!

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