Monday, March 28, 2011

Fish Sticks

Ok so this isn't a post about fish sticks. It is a post about fish, though. A fish dish that didn't work out well. I made halibut with a dijon mustard sauce. I'll still post the picture because I think it looks pretty, but it didn't taste that great, so I won't post the recipe until I tweak it a little more.

On another note, I made a really good soup over the weekend that I'm going to share tomorrow. The sad part of it all was that I accidentally left the pot over a med-low heat for a couple of hours and the soup evaporated and burned. I was so sad! It was so good and I was really looking forward to eating it over the next few days. Oh well. I can always make more.

And on another another note, my work was canceled today. Wahoo! Not really. They lost power on Saturday and haven't been able to fix it. I drove all the way to work (30 miles!) only to find out the site was closed and my lead had called me at about 6 am and told me not to go to work. If only I had checked my phone before I left! Oh well. I'm happy to be home, making lots and lots of food! Apricot muffins, taleggio and marjoram pasta and a black bean dip. I promise to post recipes if they don't need some tweaking.

Have a great day!

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