Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day in Gig Harbor

Mark and I went to Gig Harbor a few weeks ago to enjoy some sunshine and to go for a run. We started off at Epic Coffee in Puyallup where we got some mochas (that I wished had been iced! It was already hot at 9 am) and then took off.

Mark showed me his favorite spot to go running in Gig Harbor, along the Chapman Trail. We found a nice little park along the way and I definitely want to add this one to my trail running book, although I suggest not running in the middle of the day during a heat wave. It was hot!

After running, we went to the Gig Harbor post office to get my picture, then headed to find some food. We walked around and stopped at the bakery for a quick snack. I was snapping photos everywhere, finding new shots that I didn't see during my last trip.

After the bakery, we were super hungry, so we went to try Gateway to India, which we had run by on the trail. We sat outside, soaking up the sun while enjoying some vegetable biryani. That has to be my favorite Indian dish, other than chicken tikka masala.

The whole day was perfect, even though it was too hot for me. I really enjoy wandering around towns of Washington and taking my picture in front of post offices. I'll be posting lots more from my more recent trips soon!

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