Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hello there!

After doing some thinking, I have decided to make some changes. My blog, formerly Huckleberries and Rain, is now going to be known as Rachel's Kitchen. Since coming out with my cookbook, I have felt the need to create a brand for myself that is separate from my jewelry and hat making business on Etsy. I thought since I mostly post recipes on here (and traveling) that I would simply change the name of this blog, but keep everything else the same. My travels will also be here and my food will still be here, but just under a different name.

My Huckleberries and Rain shop is still open on Etsy and I will still be running its Facebook page, but now I will also have a Facebook page for my new Etsy shop (which is tied to my cookbooks and this food blog) called rachelvdolekkitchen. I'll update all the links in the upcoming days and get everything sorted out.

Thanks for reading and I will keep you up dated on any new changes!

Have a lovely evening,


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