Friday, November 1, 2013


I have forgotten how important taking long vacations are. I haven’t had a real vacation that wasn’t jam-packed for years now, and it felt so good to finally take one. It felt way too short, and I could have stayed there another week easily. I did come back with a few good lessons:

-I need to stick to my normal eating patterns. I ate a lot of fish (most of it fried) and veggies, but not nearly enough fruit and beans and grains. It was delicious, but I definitely felt out of sorts because of it. I didn’t get my daily banana, or my daily apple and I sorely missed them!

-I need to take more vacations. I felt so rested (except for one day when I couldn’t seem to shake the sleepies), and I could immediately feel my body relax while driving south. 

-I need to explore more. It’s something I love to do, just wander around a strange city, meet interesting people, and see amazing sights. I felt so alive and so grounded. It was the best thing to do. And it helped me cross off a few more places off my travel list (like Rainbow Falls State Park, which was rather disappointing, and also the towns of Pe Ell and Ilwaco).

I’m not sure where I’m going to travel next to, but wherever it is, I’m so excited for it.

What has been your favorite vacation?

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