Friday, November 22, 2013

Auburndale Park

Auburndale Park
31700 - 108th ST SE Auburn, WA

Features: Playground, Open grassy area, 1/4 mile walking trail
Great for: kids, walkers, picnickers

For the past few years, I've been collecting a list of local parks  that I wanted to visit. I didn't really go to many of the parks, other than a few that I normally go to, such as Roegner Park and Game Farm Park here in Auburn since that is where the White River Trail is and I love to go running there. I have a rather large list that spans from parks north of Everett to south of Olympia. A lot are small neighborhood parks, but I'm hoping to find a few sparkling gems.

The first on my list was Auburndale Park, on Auburn's Lea Hill. I used to attend Green River Community College, and the park is nearby, but I never knew it was there. I had no trouble finding it with my GPS, unlike the other Auburndale Park on my list (see address above for the correct one).

The park was calm and quiet, except for a rowdy pack of little dogs that were finishing up their walk with their humans. A mom with her young boy was walking along the street, and when I finished my walk, there was a UPS guy taking a break in his truck at the park.

The park itself is a little small, but it has a little playground, plenty of benches for a picnic and a large grassy area for running around. The park also has a 1/4 mile long trail loop that would be a fun walk for kids, or for a run on a nice short winding track though the woods. If you are in the Lea Hill neighborhood and are looking for a nice, quiet place to read, walk or just enjoy the peace, Auburndale Park is a great place to stop.

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