Monday, November 18, 2013

Update on my Etsy Shop: November 2013

I'm so excited that I have my Etsy shop up and running! I've had a few sales now and it is so exciting. I love making new things and taking pictures of them, but I never realized how much work it really goes in to posting an item on Etsy, especially when you include how much time it took to make it!

I'm absolutely loving every minute of making my shop larger. I am constantly knitting hats and making jewelry and I'm even dabbling into sewing and possibly hand embroidery. I've found the more I create, the more creative I get and I come up with so many more ideas and designs! My style is constantly evolving and I love that. I also love that I make really unique pieces that I don't really duplicate, so they are truly one of a kind.

I would like to now showcase some of my newest items I have made:

I have been making a lot of knit hats with this super bulky yarn that I just love. I'm making 4 different designs out of each color and I'm in the works of designing an infinity scarf in the same colors. The design in the hat I'm wearing above is what I call my "Mossy Hat" and I just love the texture!

In the earring department, I have made these colorful beaded earrings that I love so much that I kept a pair for myself! The colors are so beautiful and I love the contrast of the light sea mist with the dark teal and black beads.

And finally, I made a lot more of my clear leaf earrings, but this time with gold, copper or brass wire. These are probably some of my favorite earrings and I kept a green pair and a clear pair for myself. I've gotten so many compliments on them whenever I wear them!

That's the news for my shop for this month. I'm going to try to do an update every month with new items I'm posting so you can read and see what's new!

Thanks for stopping by!


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