Monday, August 26, 2013

Mount Constitution

Orcas Island is this beautiful island up in the San Juans that my aunt and uncle have a house on and I had visited a few times. I always enjoy riding on the ferry and I knew that I wanted to hike up to the top of Mt. Constitution, the highest point on Orcas, even though you can drive up there. 

I convinced my friends Tina, Crystal and Valerie to get up super early to make the drive and ferry ride over. The sunrise was gorgeous and the ride over was blissful, even though we were still waking up. 


We got to the ferry terminal on Orcas and made our way over to Moran State Park, where we parked at Mountain Lake and then hiked up. 

The hike was definitely not easy, especially since we were all tired from getting up early. But it was totally worth it! Even though it wasn’t super sunny at the top, the view was gorgeous!



The hike back down was steep and my knees felt it. We got done early enough that we enjoyed lunch at a little cafĂ© in Eastsound before heading to the ferry terminal. 


 It was definitely a fun trip and I would like to go explore more of the San Juans.

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