Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dewey Lake

Dewey Lake is a pretty little lake along the PCT near Chinook Pass. I had hiked from Chinook Pass several times to Sheep Lake, but I had never gone the opposite direction towards Naches Peak. 

It was a nice sunny day, but the sky was hazy from all the forest fires raging on. The flowers were mostly gone, replaced by autumn’s golden colors of yellow, red and orange. 


 The hike itself was not too hard, but I found myself struggling because I had ran the Gladiator Run the day before with Crystal, and we had to hike down first before hiking back up. (See picture below for how tired I was!)


The lake was a nice little lake where we enjoyed lunch before heading back up to the view point and back to the cars. It was a nice, short hike that I would definitely like to do again!

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