Sunday, August 11, 2013

Snow Lake

Snow Lake is an absolutely beautiful lake to hike to, but I am going to refuse to do it again in the middle of hiking season. The trail itself is as busy as I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass, and I am definitely one who avoids crowds. 

The trail was not very steep and was in rather decent condition for the amount of people going up it. As we were going up, there were plenty of people coming down and I think they had the right idea of getting there extremely early.

The hike was a good workout, although the trail was very dusty and it made it hard to breathe right. As we got over the top of the ridge, the lake came into view and it was sure gorgeous! We hiked down to the shores, eating lunch among logs while watching the dog in our group fetch sticks out of the water. A few brave souls walked out over rocks to a perch in the lake for pictures. After we were done eating, we wandered around the lake, seeing where the trail went.

I got my scrambling on on a little patch of rocks, while the rest of the group hung out above. We took a group picture before the lake got too crowded, and then headed back up the ridge. There were even more people going up than there where when we were walking. 

As much as I loved the lake, next time I go I want to try to go for Gem Lake, a smaller lake that is a bit further away, and I also want to start really early to avoid the crowds.

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