Saturday, October 19, 2013

Adventuring and Random Notes

Well, its been a while since I've posted. I can't seem to find a proper direction for my blog and it gets me all confuddled. I mean, I love that its a food blog, but that can get so time consuming and it left me feeling like I didn't actually get to enjoy the process of making a meal. I've been cooking quite a bit lately, making delicious yummies, from panzanella salad to a baked halibut with tomatoes and artichokes (which was absolutely delicious, by the way) to a Provence rice, pea and garbanzo bean meal.

My way of cooking has changed dramatically over the past few years. I used to have meat as the main course, with veggies and grains as a side note, and I almost always had dessert. Now, I focus more on the veggies and grains, with meat as a side note, and sometimes non-existent, while typically having a few pieces of chocolate or some tea for dessert.

I feel so much better than I did last year, and even though I've had some health issues, it feels likes they haven't been nearly as bad as last year. I do feel more energetic, although I have had some low points, but overall I feel better.

On the adventuring side, I burned out a bit around August and decided to take a few breaks from doing meetups and major hiking adventures. While they were fun and everything, I needed the rest. I love writing about my adventures, but sometimes I struggle with it because I feel a need for beautiful pictures and beautiful writing, when sometimes I only have one or the other, or neither!

I'm realizing, slowly, that this is MY blog, where I can write what I want, in whatever style I want. For a long time, I did care about page views more than recording my life, but at this point, I've reversed. It should be about what I want and I want it to be a record of my life, how I felt at the time, what I did, moments that were inspiring, and sometimes moments I'd like to forget. It's a reminder of how much I've grown and changed over time, and how far I have yet to go.

So on that note, I'm no longer going to worry about if what I'm posting has enough pictures or too many words, I'm just going to post it. And it may not be everyday (although I'd like it to be!), but it will be often enough that I can get the jist of whats going on in my life, at this moment right now.

And what is going on? I'm taking an online nutrition class, which I absolutely love, I have a million projects going on simultaneously (including 2 pillows, 4 knitting projects, a hundred jewelry projects, my reading lists, my cooking lists) and I have a hundred adventure goals I want to achieve. One step at a time.

My last piece of exciting news that I would like to announce to the world: I am going to hike, climb walk or drive to all 50 state highpoints in the United States, starting (most likely) with Mt. Whitney in California. I finally found something that I'm going to spend my life doing that will set me apart from the crowd.

And guess what? I'm gonna write about it.

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