Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update on March: Allergy-Free Month

Hi there!

So far this month I have been going egg and dairy free and it has really helped me a lot! I have a lot fewer stomach issues and my energy level is a lot higher. Who knew that removing those two allergens from my diet would create such a difference?

For the most part, I have been able to remove almost all egg and dairy products from my diet. There have been a few times when I couldn't avoid it (i.e. eat the sandwich with a smidgen of mayo or don't eat for several hours), but I haven't had any milk, no yogurt, no eggs, no baked goods, etc. And I feel fantastic!

If you are having energy problems (or stomach issues), I suggest getting an allergy test. It's quick, relatively painless and it's at least a start to making you feel better! (Of course, I'm not a doctor, so check with your regular doc before you make an appt with an allergist).

Anyways, I have been really neglecting my blog lately. I have quite a few posts I need to type up (read: 5), but just haven't had the time! I think tonight I will since my only plans are to sit on the couch with my cat George and get caught up on Psych. Anyone else love that show?

Well, have a good evening! Hope the weather where you are isn't as crazy as it has been here! (Snow, rain, sun, wind, snow, rain, snow, sun...)


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