Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Fun and Laughs

On Friday, I met up with a couple of girls that I went to high school and since we all go to different schools now, we hardly ever see each other. I've missed them terribly so it was very good to goof around Seattle with them.

We met up at the bronze pig at Pike Place Market. It was about lunch time so we went and grabbed some piroshky. It was heaven. I love Russian/Eastern European foods. Must be because I'm Czech :)

After that we perused the craft stalls and then sat at a park that over looked the Alaskan Viaduct and the waterfront with the Olympics out in the background. We gossiped and laughed, like we did back in high school.

When we were done with the piroshky (and the birds started flying over head a little too close) we headed inside the market to look at the pretty flowers and other shops.

After we had toured the whole market, we headed down to the waterfront and hung out by the aquarium for a little bit. It was pretty warm out so we dodged into the first Starbucks we saw and all grabbed iced tea of some sort (I got green tea, unsweetened).

We continued to walk along the waterfront until we came to a shop filled with random things. Trust me, they were very random.

After that experience, we walked back to the market and then said goodbye :(

I sure hope to see them again soon.

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