Saturday, March 20, 2010

Discovery Park

On Thursday, since me and Tim had the day off, we decided to go hike at Discovery Park out on Puget Sound. I've never been there so I thought it would be interesting. First of all, we had no plan, other than how to get there (and even that was foggy).

We parked all the way by the visitors center. We later found out there were two parking lots closer to the beach, but it was a good hike.

This was a stair way that we went up on our way to the beach. I thought it was gorgeous, with the cherry tree limbs gently leaning over to create a walkway filled with blossoms.

The first view as we went up over the hill. What pretty mountains, huh? My parents will be waking up to this everyday once they get their house built on their property. And the mountains are even bigger there since they are much closer!

A look back towards Elliot Bay. I love how the sun is shining off the water. Ahhh...

Mt. Rainier off in the hazy distance. It was much clearer in person.

Another shot as we were walking down to the beach.

View from the beach. No wonder so many people were there taking in the sights!

And of course we had to take the infamous self-portrait. Go Seahawks!

Overall, it was a great day of hiking. My feet were certainly killing me when I got home. But it was so worth it!

Have a great day, everyone!

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