Friday, February 12, 2010

End of a Very Long Week

I'm so glad to be done with almost all my school work for the week. I've still gotta finish my lab report by 5 pm and do my p chem homework, which is also due at 5. So I'll be busy today. And then yesterday I actually read the prompt for my next paper in my history class and it's based on these two books that we are supposed to read, but I haven't. So I gotta get going on that. The paper is not due till the end of the month, but I figure I should get a head start since the rest of the quarter is going to be ridiculous. Starting this week, I am going to have to write two lab reports per week. I'm going to try and not procrastinate, like I usually do, and finish the first one on Sunday. Or maybe Monday since it's a holiday. And then I'll have the rest of the week to work on my other lab report. Hopefully they will go much smoother.

Anyways, enough about school. On to food. I didn't cook last night since I got out of lab at 6 pm and dinner wouldn't have been ready until 7, which is a little too late. And we were hungry. So we went to Metropolitan Market (my favorite grocery store) for dinner. They have an amazing selection of soups that are made in the store daily. They also have a ton of sandwiches, and a hot deli that has amazing food like lasagna and shepherd's pie and butternut squash risotto and many other yummy things. I decided on the three bean chili, which I got extra so I had more for lunch for today. I also got a piece of cornbread and an avocado to go with it. At home, I added some cheddar cheese and a dollop of Greek-style plain yogurt. I would have also added onions, but I didn't want to buy a red onion and then have it go to waste, so I passed on that.

Tim gave me a very sour look when he saw what I had done to the chili. He thinks it's a disgrace that I put avocado on chili since he thinks it disgusting. The yogurt was an abomination since he is a sour cream fanatic. He will put it on anything and everything. Well, maybe not everything. But whenever he thinks something would be good with sour cream, he eats it with sour cream. I prefer the yogurt because it's thick like sour cream, but it's healthier and yummier to me. I wish I could eat yogurt everyday but I'm allergic to dairy so I can only eat it every so often, otherwise my stomach gets very upset.

Is it lunch-time yet? I really want to eat my chili. All I had for breakfast was a slice of toast with Nutella and a glass of orange juice. I think it's time for me to cut up the carrots I bought and eat them with hummus. Mmmmm.. (my toast was like that one, minus the bananas)

So tonight I will make the chicken paillards. And then tomorrow after work I will make the shrimp. Some of my friends from the dorm I lived in two years ago are coming over to play rock band and mario kart wii. It should be lots of fun. I should bake something.. Maybe. Then on Sunday I'm going to go visit my parents and we are going out to dinner to celebrate my and my mom's birthday, which were this past week, and to celebrate Valentine's Day. Tim and I never have really celebrated Valentine's Day since our anniversary is on the 15th so we just celebrate then instead. Less crowded in the restaurants and stuff. I really want to make him a card though. I found this really cute one but it was like $5 and I could make a much better one for free since I already have most of the materials.

Anyways, I should go work on my lab report. Yay for ChemDraw. Oh and chop up some carrots for a snack. Mmmm...

Dobry den!

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