Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dreaming of Brussels Sprouts and Peppers

I recently bought a book on vegetable gardening since my dream is to one day own a vegetable garden of my own. I have since been literally dreaming of assorted vegetables I'm reading about. I really hope to one day cook everything right fresh from my garden.

Who cares about flowers? Vegetables are where it's at.

Just kidding. Flowers are pretty too.

On to another subject. I actually went to all my classes today. And I got nothing out of the first two except that my physical chemistry teacher is an idiot and is mean. He posted our homework assignment on Wednesday (instead of the normal Tuesday) to have it due on Friday and made it longer than usual so we asked for an extension till Monday and he said he would think about it and tell us tomorrow in class if it is due or not. What a great guy, huh?

But I got all my work done for my lab so I can have my birthday off from school (except my history class) and I can go get my new license! Ahh I can't wait to turn 21 so I can buy all the wine, port, brandy, framboise, etc... All to cook with of course. I especially need the framboise to make Giada's Raspberry Tiramisu. Mmm..

And I finally figured out my classes for next quarter. My last quarter. Probably ever. Unless I decide to continue with Czech, or take some other language. But it will be my last quarter of chemistry ever! I'm taking physical chemistry III (statistical mechanics), seperation techniques, inorganic chemistry lab and to round out the course load (and get me up above 12 credits) is history of the slavic languages. It was either that or learning Slovenian. And I figure the slavic languages one will possibly come in handy when I really learn Czech.

Tim is finishing his lab report for some class that involves computers and frustration. He had steam coming out of his ears earlier (in the form of hand waves and arm movements). But now he is done, so we are going to play TF2.

Dobry vecer!

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