Saturday, February 20, 2010

Country Girl

I am going to start two different countdowns. One is till March 15th when I can start running again (and get back into shape for ski season and for hiking) and the other is the day I graduate in June (which I believe is the 13th?).

I am so ready to graduate and move out of Seattle. I just don't like it in the city, even though I'm in the outskirts. I think it's funny that in high school, I could not wait to move to the city. Now, I can't wait to move out! My ideal place to live would be to have so much land you couldn't see your neighbors (or well, just a really big hill in between). I would like to live on the other side of the mountains in like Cle Elum or Roslyn, but Tim could never live in such a small town. He would go stir-crazy!

I really remembered all of this last night when I went on an adventure with Tim. For our anniversary he bought us tickets to see Josh Turner at the Snoqualmie Casino on the 19th. It was truly an amazing concert, the best I've been to. But let me start at the beginning.

We left school at about 2:30 after finishing our homework and lab reports and such. Traffic wasn't too bad, until we hit I-405. It was stopped once we got on the freeway. Tim hadn't eaten anything since 6 am and I was thirsty so we got off on the next exit and went to Whole Foods. I have only been in that store once and I didn't like it at first (I was 15 at the time.. I obviously didn't know much then!). But I now love it! It's like my favroite grocery store that I go to now but bigger! Tim liked it too because it had free samples. So I bought a large container of cranberry-peach juice (yum!) and a container of fresh cut fruit. They were delicious.

Off on the road we went! We finally got to I-90 and the further east we went, the more relaxed I felt. All the stresses from the week went away and I felt so good! We raced up to Snoqualmie Pass for dinner, and got there at like 4, which was waay too early for dinner. So we drove around, went and looked at all the ski areas, had hot chocolate at Alpental (which I miss dearly :( ) and then just played in the snow. Oh yeah, the picture at the top of my blog is a picture taken at the top of Alpental. That's one reason why I love to go up there: the scenery is gorgeous!

After playing around, we finally went to dinner at the local pancake house at Summit West. We both had breakfast for dinner. Tim had potato pancakes that were nothing like normal potato pancakes. They looked like regular pancakes, but take a bite and surprise! They were slightly sweet, but still had some green onions tucked in there too. Trust me, they were very good. And I had the swedes (which are like crepes but thicker) with lingonberry jam. I just had to have lingonberry jam. It is so good but the only place I can find it is at IKEA and I hardly ever go to IKEA.

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Anyways, after our delicious dinner, we headed back down the mountain to North Bend, where we stopped for gas and coffee. Well, coffee for Tim and tea for me! Then we tried to find the casino. It was truly in the middle of nowhere and you turn this corner and wham! it's right there with bright lights and lots of cars. It was very busy that night. And very smoky since you are allowed to smoke in there. Yuck!

I didn't really enjoy being in the casino part. But once we got into the ballroom, things got better. The concert was great. The music was not so loud it hurt my head like at other ones I've been at, but they did have strobe lights which hurt my eyes (I'm sensitive to bright lights and loud noise.. and I only recently developed it like 6 months to 1 year ago. It's very weird). But other than that, Josh played a lot of great songs, including a lot of my favorites (Firecracker, Everything is Fine, Long Black Train). He also played a lot of songs off his new album, which I don't know as well since I haven't really listened to it much. The cool thing was that his wife was playing the keyboard and backup vocals! They really make a cute couple!

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After the show, we left and drove home and went to bed. But I still really miss being out in the wilderness. Lately I've been looking at trails and hikes to go on around here and I'm so ready for spring. It's weird, outside right now it's 53 F out and it seriously feels like summer, but just a little cooler. I am so excited for spring and summer. I can actually start running again and working out outside. I'm interested to try my yoga routine in the grass..

Alright, well I should get back to work. I'm going to add more pictures and edit this when I get home since the computer I use at work doesn't have a lot of the stuff I need to add in pictures and websites and stuff. So that's all for now.

Dobry den!

Oh and I have decided I want to go on a hike here!

Update: Added pictures. They make it look so much better.

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