Monday, November 14, 2011

Emotional Intelligence, Day 2

Exercise 2: Answer these questions

-What are your five greatest strengths?

Love of learning, kindness/generosity, modesty/humility, playfulness/humor, passion

-What do you consider your greatest or signature strength?  

The ability to make others smile and feel happy, even when I don't feel happy (kindness/generosity)

-How has your signature strength helped you deal with adversity?  

I have helped others get through rough patches in their life by being a source of happiness. I try to bring light into their lives when they are surrounded by so much darkness. It helps me out because I tend to care deeply for lots of people and seeing them hurt makes me hurt.

-How can you use your signature strength in a different or new situation?

I should learn to be happy myself instead of faking it for others.

-What are your weaknesses?

Leadership, self-control, caution, gratitude, sense of purpose.

-What one thing do you want to change about yourself?

I want to be able to identify which emotion I am feeling at a certain time, why I am feeling that emotion, and be able to express my thoughts and feelings freely, without hesitation.

-How would you go about making that change?  

My first start is by reading this book. Next, practice, practice, practice. 

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