Monday, February 21, 2011

I really should..

I really should post more stuff on here. My life has been changing so much so quickly in the past month that I almost wish time would slow down so I could enjoy it more. Since I can't change the speed of time, I'll just make a quick recap and then try to post more when new stuff happens, so I can look back and remember everything!

1. Tim got a new job! His current (and soon to be old!) boss is such a jerk, tells him that he is working too hard and making everyone else look bad and then a month later expects him to work 1 to 2 hrs overtime everyday and come in on weekends! His boss would spend his days playing games on his computer while shoving all his work off onto Tim. So Tim had enough and applied for a job at a couple of other places and he got an interview at a place he had interviewed at before he graduated, but just never heard back from the company. The amazing part was that he got a job offer from them about half an hour into the interview! And the super cool thing is that 4 of his close friends from college all work there. So now instead of him working nearly 50 miles away from me (and each of us commuting 40 min or more each day!), he will now be working only 15 miles away!

Which brings me to number 2....

2. We are going to buy a house! Since we no longer are required to live halfway between our jobs, we are going to move to an area that is about 2 minutes from his parents, 5 minutes from my parents, 10 minutes from my cousin (who is like my older sister) and 10 minutes from my grandparents! I'm so excited to be near my family again. I'm really close to all of them, and I've been so far away for 4 years now. But first we have to find a house that works for us. We can't decide if we want a cheaper fixer-upper that we can customize to our liking, or a more expensive house that is already super nice. What to do????

And now number 3:

3. I bought my wedding dress! Well, possible wedding dress. But that means that I'm actually starting to plan my wedding. I've put it off for over a year now and I was dreading planning the whole shin-dig. Now, it seems like everything is falling into place. Isn't that just the best feeling?

Oh and here is a picture of my (possible) wedding dress:

Ain't it pretttyyyyyy?

Outdoor wedding in mid-September.. gotta be prepared for the mud!

Hmm.. does anyone think that cowgirl boots won't clash too much?

Oh and I totally promise to start posting my cooking. I've been in a cooking rut, with lots of takeout lately, but I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. And I found my missing third desk lamp so now my light box shouldn't have the weird shadows anymore. So tomorrow, expect Tortellini in Chicken Broth. Yum!

Have a totally fantastic day!

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