Monday, July 1, 2013

Crystal Lakes, Sheep Lake and Sourdough Gap

Ever since my co-workers took me up to Sheep Lake and Sourdough Gap, I’ve always found a reason to go back. I can’t say why, but I sure do love that hike! (Except for the time when I got 32 mosquito bites. And yes, I counted!)

The first part of the trail can get rather dusty, but the view across the valley is gorgeous, and if you time it right, the flowers will be blooming. On a hot day, its best to start out early, otherwise you will fry! Before you know it, you’ll be heading into the forest and then pop out on the other side near the very picturesque Sheep Lake, perfect for a quick snack break and bug spray reapplication before heading up to Sourdough Gap.

I think one reason why I love Sourdough Gap is because it’s the name of my favorite bread! But probably also because the view from up there is so nice! I usually don’t stay long at the actual gap because I prefer to make the traverse over to a viewpoint above Crystal Lakes. 

For two years in a row, I would only go to the view point and oohhh and awww at Upper Crystal Lake, not knowing I could hike up to it! So this last summer, me and my friend Crystal hiked up to Crystal Lakes and it was so worth it! We lounged by the lake for lunch and then headed up to the viewpoint, and then lounged some more. It was a perfect hiking day!

This year, I want to start at Chinook Pass, hike to Sheep Lake, Sourdough Gap and then drop down to the cars via Crystal Lakes. It’s a long loop, but it’s totally do-able. I am planning on going in fall so I can see all the gorgeous fall colors – and avoid the mosquitoes!

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