Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Winter Trips

This winter I went on a few trips that were lots of fun. I figure its about time I write about them!

I did a few hikes this winter with the gang. The first hike was on a pouring down rainy day. We hiked to Bullitt Fireplace on Squak Mountain and were going to go further but then it really started to rain so we just headed back to the cars. There were signs everywhere about laminated root rot and that we needed to watch for falling trees. The forest sure smelled... interesting!

We also did a hike from Redtown Meadow to Anti-Aircraft Peak on Cougar Mountain that was a nice easy hike on a beautiful sunny day. At the view point, we could see Lake Sammamish and the snow covered Cascades and it was gorgeous!

I did a few nice hikes with Tina, around Cougar Mountain, to Poo Poo Point and we also wandered around Dash Point State Park. Those were a lot of fun!

I went up to Mt. Rainier to take a walk along the Paradise Valley Road. I took some cool pictures and got to enjoy the snow in October. I was hoping to ski a lot after that, but then the snow melted :(

I didn't get around to snowshoeing too much this year, which was a little disappointing, but I still had a lot of fun walking to the Denny Creek Campground while it was lightly snowing. 

I went on a ski trip to Whistler with my dad and brother in January, and the amount of snow was not a lot but it was still fun. We mostly skied easy and intermediate runs, but it was so beautiful there that I didn't mind!

I went again to Whistler in March and it was amazing! The first day was snowing heavily but it was a great day of powder runs. The second day was a gorgeous bluebird day with lots of fast steep runs.

Oh! I almost forgot! I went tubing at Snoqualmie which was a lot of fun, but there was not much snow so it was like tubing on snow mixed with gravel. I still had a great time with the ladies!

Mostly I have been skiing at Snoqualmie and Crystal with a few trips to Stevens Pass. My latest trip to Stevens Pass was exciting because my niece Caprielle got to ski down a ski run for the first time! She is so cute!

So far I have had a great winter. As much as I love winter skiing and snowshoeing, I am really ready for hiking this summer. And spring skiing. I'm so torn! So I guess I will do both :)

Did you have any fun trips this winter?

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