Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Speeding up and slowing down

Life has been going at warp speed while I have been learning to slow down. I'm learning how to relax for the first time in my life and it has been wonderful! I'm so happy I quit my job back in November. 

So here's an update: I've been writing a cookbook on spring produce that I should have finished by the end of April. I'm so excited and so proud of the work I have been doing. I have also had a hard time reining in my creativity. I have so many recipes planned for so many more books and I am so excited about it! It's hard to keep a smile off my face when I talk about it!

I've also been skiing some, not as much as most years because of the lack of snow at the beginning of this season, but I've been getting in some great ski days, especially up at Whistler (and now you can hear the sound of me checking off one of my 2014 goals, which was to ski Whistler twice this year!). I have also officially skied every run at East, Central and West at Snoqualmie, finalizing this accomplishment with Ripcord at Central, which I had dreaded because snowboarders (and some skiers) scrape it clean so its like an ice skating rink, but I went down on a really warm slushy day and it was actually kind of fun! Now all I have left is some double blacks at Alpental, which will have to wait until next year.

This year I've also decided to start peakbagging more, especially along the I-90 corridor, and to get serious about my hiking list. Being the uber list maker that I am, I've already planned all my hikes out to almost 2040. I'm gonna be a busy woman in the next few years!

Another exciting travel goal that I've made is that I want to start high pointing, that is, climb, hike, walk or drive to the highest point in each state, with the exception of Denali. That's the one that scares me the most and that I don't even want to touch. So I'm going for 49, starting this summer with Mt. Whitney. Life is going to be busy, but good!

And for last words, here is my hiking list for the year:

-Deception Pass
-Julia Butler Hansen National Wildlife Refuge
-Green Lake
-High Rock
-Double Bluff
-Bare Mountain
-Lime Kiln Trail
-Grand Park
-Harstine Island State Park
-Mount Beljica
-Grieder Lakes
-Mount Washington
-Mount Higgins
-Sunrise Lake
-Wynoochee Lake
-Narada Falls to Reflection Lakes
-Spencer Butte
-Josephine Lake
-Commonwealth Basin
-Deer Creek Falls
-Chenuis Falls
-Horseshoe Bend
-Big Creek
-Shoe Lake
-Minotaur Lake

Long list, but I want to be hiking almost every Sunday from April 20th to October!

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