Tuesday, September 4, 2012

30 Day HLC: September

 Hey there!

Welcome to the first month of the 30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge! I'm so excited to start this! I feel that if I am held accountable to you all, I just might actually follow through with making changes in my life and I hope you will too!

As I wrote in this post here, I am starting a 30 day healthy lifestyle challenge that focuses on forming good habits that replace bad habits, in order to form a healthier lifestyle. You can choose any habit you want, be it a simple one or a complex one.

Each week, we will report back here, every Tuesday for 30 days, on how you are doing with forming your new habits or breaking your old habits. Don't worry about being perfect, just simply try your best!

Some ideas to get you started..

- Walk 30 minutes every day
- Stretch every morning/night
- Do a yoga routine every morning/night
- Do strengthening routine every day

- Eat an extra serving of fruits and veggies
- Remove all sugar from diet (except fruits)
- Cook at home every night
- Eat breakfast every morning

- Write your thoughts in a journal every evening
- Meditate for 15 minutes
- Clear out one area of clutter in your home and toss 1 item you no longer need
- Tackle 1 thing that is stressing you out

My first month's goal is to get up at my regular time and not hit the snooze button so many times! I've found by doing that, it saps my energy and makes me feel even more tired, so later in the day I make not so good choices. I also want to stretch every morning before I start my morning routine. All my muscles feel so tight and I hope to feel better and more relaxed instead of rushed in the mornings.

I hope you decide to join us on our journey to a healthier life. Please share this challenge with all your friends so we can all be inspired! Leave a comment with what your 30 Day HLC goal is and how you are doing with it. Has it improved your quality of life? Have you had any struggles or overcome any obstacles?

Thanks for joining!


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