Thursday, May 5, 2011

Update: 9 days left!

Hi there!

I'm so excited because there are only 9 days left until I move! Really, I should be freaking out because the only thing that has been packed is my enormous collection of books and magazines and one box of shoes. But I'm really rather relaxed. I feel so much better off than I did for out last move.

Our last move was kind of a disaster. I didn't have anything packed so the morning of, I was rushing around like crazy trying to find empty boxes and fill them with stuff. So now I say I'm not going to procrastinate like that, but I know I will. I'm a semi-procrastinator. I get about half of the stuff done ahead of time, and then I wait until the last minute to finish it. It's definitely not productive.

The downside to packing everything up is that now I'm going through cooking withdrawls.. I really don't like eating out more than 3 times a week but lately we've been eating out almost every day. We have a lot of great food places near where we are now, but I want to cook! I just have to remind myself that in only 9 days I can cook again. Er, well, actually I'm going to make dinner tomorrow night so I won't have to wait that long. But then after that, I won't be able to cook for like 8 days! I don't know if I will survive!! (Just kidding... I will survive, but I'll be really grumpy!)

Some other good news is that my future mother-in-law has offered up her backyard to me to plant a veggie garden. I'm super excited because I have been dreaming of having my own veggie garden for years now and I've got it all planned out. We are going to dig up the dirt and start on May 31st, which isn't too far away!

Anyways, that is my not so short update. I did make an asparagus, pea and prosciutto risotto the other night, which I will share soon. I also made a chocolate chip banana bread, but we ate it all before I could snap a picture, so I'm going to make another loaf and then post the recipe.

Have a great day!


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