Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long Time

Ugh. Life got crazy.

I had so much to do and then I forgot about trying to get healthy. And now I'm sick with a cold (maybe). I have some of the symptoms (low energy, upset stomach) but no runny nose. Weird.

Anywho. My diet has been really bad lately. Lots of chicken strips (just can't get enough of them!) and cup o noodles. Not as much fruit and veggies as I would like.

Oh well. So I'm starting over.

With yesterday.

Monday May 11, 2009:

Breakfast: Cherry Pomegranate Toaster Pastry and a cup of chocolate almond milk. Not my choice. Tim couldn't finish both of the pastries of them so I finished one for him. But the almond milk was my choice. It's my favorite drink right now.

Snack: Don't think I had one.

Lunch: Chef Salad minus the egg and bacon. And with fat-free ranch. And with sunflower seeds. It was yummy. Oh and with grapefruit juice.

Snack: Kit Kat bar on my way to physical therapy.

Dinner: Chicken Piccata and green salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was very delicious. Although I think it made my tummy upset because of the egg in the recipe.

Dessert: More chocolate milk. Yum.

Workout: 10 min stationary bike, then my knee exercises. My knee hurts today now.

Ok. That's all.

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