Friday, July 6, 2012

Day Trip to Gig Harbor

I'll admit it, I'm getting behind on my posts. I went to Gig Harbor with my meetup group a few weekends ago and had a blast, but just haven't felt inspired until now to write about it.

I decided to go to Gig Harbor after reading about it in Sunset Magazine. I love that magazine! oh my goodness! They always have delicious recipes and fun things to do! I look forward to reading it every month.

Anyways, back on to Gig Harbor. Other than that article, I didn't know much. I had been there maybe once or twice, but I don't really remember it. This trip will definitely be memorable!

We started out meeting in Federal Way and then carpool to Gig Harbor (via a detour to Starbucks to warm up!). We parked and walked along the waterfront, enjoying the view of the water. We ooohhd and ahhhd the houses across the water and the boats.

We got to the end of the shops on one side of the street and found the Tides Tavern, where we stopped for lunch. The food there was excellent! I had the steamed clams and a side salad. Some had clam chowder, others had sandwiches, and one gal had nachos!

After lunch, we walked on the other side of the street, stopping in stores and doing some window shopping. We also stopped at a bakery and got some sweets.

I had heard about an oyster farm just down the road, so we made our way to the Minterbrook Oyster Farm. The bridge near Purdy was so awesome! I was driving, so I couldn't take pictures, but the view was spectacular! We got to the farm and explored around. A few of us bought oysters to take home while others simply took in the views.

After the oysters were bought, I suggested we continue our day by going to the North End of Tacoma and walking along Proctor street. We stopped in more stores, had some free frozen yogurt and enjoyed a beautiful day.

Plus I got to stop in at Metropolitan Market, my favorite grocery store! What could get better than that?!?!

Thanks for stopping by!

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