Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ugly Christmas sweater parties seem to be all the rage lately. To tell you the truth, I had never been to one before last Saturday. It was actually a lot of fun to see what people were wearing!

Crystal, Laura, me, Robin, Nancy and Cady
As you can see, some decided to not dress the part (cough, Laura, cough, Vanessa), but for the most part we all picked some interesting sweaters!

Crystal, Cady, Vanessa, me, Robin and Nancy

I decided to borrow one from my mom, but when I asked her if I could, I neglected to mention what it was for. I kept the rouse going for a while, until the night before she asked me flat out if it was for an ugly sweater party. I told her that I didn't want to hurt her feeling since I know she loves the sweater that I picked.

Her words to me were as follows: "Oh that sweater, oh I hate that sweater. I only wear it because the kids at school like it."

And here I was trying to protect her feelings, when she actually didn't like it in the first place! Ha! (And I think I had a matching mini sweater when I was little that we got as gifts from my aunt.. ahh the 90s!)

Our food table!

Back to the party. We each brought food or some thing to drink and we pigged out! After eating and laughing, we decided to open our white elephant gifts. The gifts ranged from a candle, to a Christmas cupcake decorating kit, to a picture frame, to a scarf and earrings, to a cute kitty tea set, to.. right now I can't remember the two other gifts, but I'm sure I will remember soon! They were all wonderful and thoughtful!

Our gift table!

We listened to Christmas music and laughed and had lots of fun! This weekend we are going to see the Zoo Lights at Point Defiance and having a sweets swap. I'm excited for both of them!

Me opening the first gift!

Have a great day!


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