Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Train

Every year since 1969, there has been a Santa Train that runs from North Bend to Snoqualmie and back. This year was my first year volunteering during the Santa Train and boy was it a zoo! I had a blast hanging out with my mom and greeting all the chilled train riders with some hot cocoa (and warm cocoa for the kids!)

Some pictures from their website:

Doesn't the depot look so pretty with all those lights? 

That's the stove they were baking the cookies in and heating up water for cocoa. It's in an old army medical kitchen car that was never used until the army donated it to the museum. Now it's used regularly to make meals. And it's coal fed, which is pretty neat!

Those were just some of the cocoa cups we served. I swear we went through at least 300-400 cups!

I was standing for 8 hours, serving cocoa, dispensing cocoa, putting lids on cocoa cups, making cocoa, cleaning spilled cocoa, lifting heavy pots of cocoa, lifting huge thermoses of cocoa... but it was all lots of fun!

When I got home though, I felt like this:


Have a great day!

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