Sunday, January 24, 2010


Lately I've really been feeling it. And its so weird to be exhausted. But my body is going through it's crazy changes and whatnot.

My life is slowing down the closer I get to June and graduation. But more things keep piling up. Like school work. This week is absolutely nuts. For both me and Tim. I have two lab reports, a book review, a thermo test, reading for history and thermo, and on top of all of that, I have my last PT appointment (hopefully!) on Monday, a board meeting on Tuesday (yay get to skip my late lab!), I still need to clean for the week and do laundry, and cook dinner every week. Plus I've been needing like 10 hours of sleep every night, which I'm not getting except maybe last night, but I woke up from a really terrible dream so I didn't really get a good 10 hrs of sleep.

So I'm super busy and super stressed. Breathe, Rachel, breathe!

Since I am a subscriber to Body + Soul Magazine, they had this Body Action Plan garbage that you could participate and I thought about it but I didn't get around to it. So yesterday at work since I couldn't concentrate on reading a book about Rudolf II or figuring out my spectra, I was on Martha Stewart's website (which I'm absolutely addicted to) and read all the magical stuff that is going to make you feel better if you do, like detox and write in a journal at night and eat better and be more organized and walk 30 minutes each day and all that other stuff. I so wish I had time for all of that!

I mean I probably do, but I just am so exhausted that it feels like I have no time since I would much rather lay in bed all day and sleep or read or do something other than school work. But I will get through this week. Besides, it's like week 4 or something out of 11. So I've only got 7 more to go after this one. ughhhhh.

But really, only a few weeks are going to be like this. Well, pretty much the last week of February and then the week before finals in March. March is going to be hell I've decided.

So my plan for today is to at least get a good start, if not finish, my book review of a book which I haven't even gotten halfway through yet because it is just so ridiculously disorganized and it drives me crazy and to also finish my thermo homework. I really need to study for that test since the teacher is terrible and I understand the material so much better when he's not explaining it and I just look at the book instead. I was so spoiled with the teacher I had for quantum mechanics last quarter. He was amazing, even though you had to put a ton of effort in to it! But this guy is just terrible. I hope I have a better professor for my last quarter of physical chemistry! Then never again!

Ok. I need to go work on my paper. Or at least read the book. I enjoy reading, I really do. But this book. Ugh. I would much rather read the books I got today which were not required for the class, but my teacher posted them online in a pdf and I cannot read off of a computer. I'm not sure how Tim can do it, but I can't. I love the feel of a book, turning the pages, I even like the moldy smell of some old books. So a computer just can't come close. So I bought the book instead. Well, I really only needed the second volume, but the first one was only 34 cents so I figured why not. I can spare 34 cents. But it came along with $4 shipping, sooooo in reality it was $4.34, which still isn't bad for a second to newest edition book.

I'm rambling. Avoiding doing work, because I would much rather be doing anything else. I think I've spent more time writing this than I spent on my paper earlier. I just hate writing papers. Which is why I became a chemistry major, not a history or English major. Man, I really wish I could have taken a technical writing class. Much more applicable for me than history. If I want to learn about history, I'll read a book.

Ramble ramble ramble. I wish I lived in the country and I could go out in the mud and tend to my vegetables. That would make me happy.

Oh oh!! Sunset finally published their newest version of a how-to-grow-veggies-and-fruits book! I so want to buy, but it's gonna be like $30 and I need that $30 to pay for our water/sewer bill. But I so want it :(

Maybe I'll just check it out from the library and devour it first then buy it when I have a job and have the money to spend. Ohhh once I get a house I'm gonna have so many books. I'm sure I'll start going to used book stores and buying rare books just to have and read. I'm obsessed with books. And libraries. Especially old ones. I read an article somewhere that had pictures of the coolest libraries in the world and I only want to go to the super old ones. I don't care for the new modern artistic ones (like the Seattle Downtown Library.. eh). I really want to visit the one in Praha that has books that are all covered in white. It is so gorgeous!

 It's the Strahov Monastery. Ahhh......

Ok enough about libraries. Going to go to the KCLS website, put that book on hold and then go read about Rudolf. Too bad it's not about the reindeer.

Tak ahoj!

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