Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skipping Class

I actually got a good nights sleep last night for once, but I decided to skip class. I have a good reason too. It's only a history class and whatever I miss is in the readings and there are no tests so I'm not missing much. But anyways, I have a paper and two lab reports to write this week so I decided to skip history so I could write my paper and at least one the lab reports. So far, I've gotten the lab report almost finished (just need to clarify some stuff with my group) and I've got my basic outline for my paper. I just need to put it into words. And it's already roughly about the right length.

Oh so much work this week! I was so exhausted earlier, but I feel refreshed today. Yesterday I walked from my class in Fisheries all the way to 45th and Mary Gates Way. That's like 2 miles. Wahoo! I was very proud of myself. I haven't walked that far in like a year, since before I tore my ACL. Even then I don't think I walked that far. I might go for a walk soon to clear my head and get it in paper-writing mode. Which right now it's not.

And I am missing my lab tonight because I have a meeting in Renton. Oh hectic day.

And last night I was so planning on making herbed pork chops with smashed russets and sweet potatoes and peas. It was going to be delicious. But I didn't get home till about 6:30 and that was too late to make dinner. So it was a mac n' cheese night!

Last night I also counted all of my cookbooks. I have 56. That's like 4000 recipes. That's a lot. That will take me forever to try every single one. And yet I will.

Lately I've been dreaming about my dream house I want. I found the floor plan when my parents were looking at house to build on their property.

I love this house, although I wouldn't have it so close to the beach :)

I would rather have it in the forest or on a huge tract of land so I can grow vegetables and fruits. I bought a book on how to grow vegetables. I love it. It has every vegetable you can think of and how to raise it correctly so you get the best crop. And the author has one all about fruits that's coming out soon and I so want to buy that one. I can't wait to have a huge garden with lots of fresh produce! And my own house to take care of. Ahhhh..

Ok time for lunch and a walk and then time to write my paper. Ugh. This is why I am a chemistry major and not a history or english or other major that requires lots of writing.

Tak ahoj!

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