Monday, November 2, 2009

Apple Tasting

At the local store I shop at, they had a bunch of heirloom apples on sale, so I bought one of each to try. I actually cut up the first one today. I don't remember what it was named, so I need to google that. Ok so it's called Cox's Orange Pippin. There's the wikipedia for it.

I liked it, it was sweet and yummy, but I was not particularly fond of the texture. It wasn't as crisp as I like them. And it wasn't super juicy either, which is what I like.

Ok so I guess I should move on to what I had for meals today and what I made tonight. It was inspired by another recipe, but speeded up because I had a bazillion other things to do and was very hungry!

Breakfast: Two cranberry muffins and some grapefruit pieces. I have found that peeling a grapefruit and then taking the extra skin off the sections is a very exhausting task, but you get so much more grapefruit out of it and it's so less messy to eat. No juice... had to go to the store to get more.

Snack: Chewy Granola Bar. I'm not really a fan of them, but that's ok. I'll still eat them.

Lunch: PB&J, Juice box. Usually I bring leftovers (I have an awesome round, squatty, thermos-like thingy that keeps soups and other meals warm till lunch. It's pretty awesome!) and fruit but I didn't have any leftovers and we were out of fruit except a pear and carrying a pear in a backpack with books is not a good idea. Unless, of course, I want to get pear everywhere.

Snack: None.

Dinner: Modified Choucroute Garnie from Complete Seasons Cookbook, page 242. In the recipe, they call for cooking the sauerkraut with onions, bacon, white wine and lots of spices but I just didn't have 2 hours to let it simmer. So instead, I added some wine to a large pot, heated it slightly, then added the jarred sauerkraut. I let that heat for a little so the sauerkraut could absorb some of the flavor from the wine, then added a pinch or two of caraway seeds. After that, I added two yellow potatoes that I cut into sixths and the polish sausage. I let it simmer for about 20 minutes, until the smaller potatoes were done and the sausages were heated through. The larger sectioned potatoes didn't fully cook by the time we were ready to eat, but I let them simmer a little longer.

We had a ton left over though, probably enough for two lunches and two dinners. So with 6 servings, the total cost = (2.49 for sauerkraut * .5 since only used 1/2 jar) + ( 5.99 for sausage) + (1.00 for potatoes) = 8.235/6 servings = $1.38 per serving.

Yum Factor:
Me - 4/5, yummy but would have been better if I would have made it like in the cookbook. I love sauerkraut and potatoes and sausages and caraway, so it's as good as a 5/5 except it can't come close to zelí, knedlíky a pečený maso (sauerkraut, dumplings and roast pork), which is my favorite meal of all time. So therefore it had to be a close 4/5.
Tim - 4/5, good taste, good sausages, but potatoes were a little dry and bland.

Ok, gotta get back to school work. Maybe. I might just work on my menu project or one of the other bazillion projects have.

Dobrou noc!

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