Tuesday, October 28, 2014

30 Quick Easy Meals

Hello there! I've disappeared for a bit to finish up my newest cookbook, but I'm back and here to tell you all about my newest book. My book is called 30 Quick Easy Meals and it's all about cooking healthy, quick and easy meals for only one or two. 

30 Quick Easy Meals is the go-to cookbook for anyone who is busy but wants to eat delicious, healthy food at home. So many people in today's world live by themselves or with another person, be it a roommate or a significant other, yet recipes are still made for a family of 4. This cookbook changes that with nearly every recipe portioned for 2 people, and filled with great ways to use leftovers. 

Reasons you will love 30 Quick Easy Meals: 
-30 min or less prep time
-Uses common ingredients so you won't have to search at the store 
-Filled with easy comfort food recipes that won't break the bank 
-Many recipes have vegan/vegetarian options 
-Lots of cooking tips to save time and money! 

Written by someone (me!) who has needed easy and quick recipes plenty of times, this book is a great cookbook for any college student, grad student or anyone who is busy and needs to make dinner fast.

30 Quick Easy Meals is available on Amazon in print and for Kindle or iPad. Click here to see a preview and check it out!

Hope you enjoy my recipes!


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