Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mini Calendar

Ever since I was little, I have tried to make journaling a habit. It never stuck, unfortunately. I would buy a brand new, gorgeous notebook to write in, find my favorite pen, sit down to write, and get stuck with a blank page. What do I write? When I was still living at my parent's house, I didn't want to write down anything that would incriminate me. But what else does a 16 year old girl write about? The test that she did really well on? I certainly didn't want that to be all that I wrote about.

So I gave it up for a while. Then, when I started college, I tried again. Did it stick? Nope. Not that anything exciting happened to me while I was at college. I studied, played Rock Band with my dorm neighbors, studied some more, read cookbooks and dreamt of having my own kitchen, but that was about it.

Now that I'm out of school and I have a full time job, my life has gotten even more boring and predictable. So how in the world am I going to write more than a paragraph on my day? Most days, it would read, "Tested more samples today, Dave (the talkative guy in the office) talked too much again, got most of my work done, came home, cooked dinner, cleaned, went to bed."


I'd pretty much given up the notion of trying to keep track of my everyday boringness when I found this.

It's so perfect for me! A little place to write a one liner about the most exciting thing of my day. I can work with that.

Mine of course, doesn't look so amazingly good, but it's getting there. So for you all out there who have trouble keeping a daily journal, try this little mini calendar! I'm sure in like 5 or 10 years, I'm gonna be so glad I made it.


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