Friday, March 29, 2013

Feeling The Changes

Things are a changing, that’s for sure. It’s funny, but I’ve never actually felt myself change like I have been the past few weeks. I’m growing, maturing, and it’s an interesting feeling. The nerd part of me wonders what neurons connected to make it happen, but the human side of me says, who cares! 

I’ve decided on a few new mantras for this time of my life. For a long time, it was “Misery is optional. Choose happiness.” It worked very well, and I even have a sign with that saying at my desk to remind myself that even in moments when everything is doom and gloom, I should look at the good things and be happy. I’ve had some difficulty doing that, I admit, but I’m getting better. 
The newest addition to my soon to be plethora of sayings is “Do it till your proud of it.” This stems from my childhood where I was taught to put just enough effort in to an assignment, a project, into life, to get that A, but don’t put in any more effort than that. It’s definitely caused me some heartache and lots of extra stress over my life, so now I’m going to put effort into everything I do until I’m proud of it. I’ve found that by doing that, I’m less stressed, I feel better about myself and my abilities and I usually get a better grade. Win win, eh?

The final addition to my lovely group of sayings is kind of a long one. “Take it as a complement when people try to put you down. With how hard people try to make you feel bad about yourself, you must be really awesome!” I have been having a lot of issues with certain people (co-workers, so-called friends, etc.) who try to bring me down in the stupidest ways possible. It used to really anger me a lot, but today it clicked after I had been insulted by a co-worker. I must be just that much more awesome than them for them to try so hard to make me feel bad about myself. 

I’ve also decided to start doing a weekly goal setting/planning session every Sunday using a template I found. If I stick with it and it helps, I’ll share more about it. I’m also doing a 2013 goal setting/planning worksheet from the same website, and I’m really kinda excited for it. I’m hoping it helps me remain more focused on my school and my final goal of becoming a registered dietitian.

In other news, I’m starting my last quarter of in-class classes next Monday and I can’t tell you how great it will be to have a normal schedule back. I’m really excited to learn about botany (hello, fruits and veggies!) but I’m really more excited to not have to work 6 am to 5:30 pm three days a week.

Hope you all are enjoying your week!

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