Friday, August 13, 2010


Wow, it's been so long since I've written anything. Life got really crazy and busy. I graduated from college, found a job (well, more like it found me) and now I'm moving out of the big city to a slightly smaller city across the lake. I'm so excited to move there, since I will regain an hour back into my life that I have spent in my car, in traffic on I-5. No more hour and a half commute for me!!

I also bought a new camera. Ain't she pretty??

So since my kitchen stuff is all packed, I'm going to have to wait to start posting food pictures. I'm excited to cook more. Lately I've had stuff to do after work so I haven't been getting home until 7 or so and so I've been eating dinner on the run. Not so good, but soon I will have access to a pool and a shorter commute and lots of wonderful stuff. The only sad part is that I'm really going to miss my grocery store. They had so many amazing things there that I loved. Sigh.. The good news is that there is a farmers market literally right across the street from my apartment so I'll be going there every Tuesday! And the QFC isn't that bad so I'll probably shop there. If I really wanted to, I could go to Whole Foods, which is right down the street, but I'll have to check them out again. Last time I was there I was really impressed by their meat and seafood department but rather unimpressed by their prices. But it won't hurt to look again!

And if all else fails, there is a Metropolitan Market about 20 minutes away so I guess I could go there on occasion to get some yummy things they don't have at other stores. Like sopressata!! mmm.. delicious!

I should really get back to work. I don't have much to do today, but I definitely have more packing to do tonight. Yay for moving!

I'll try to post more pictures and recipes once I get moved in and settled. Lots of yummy things to come!

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