Thursday, April 22, 2010

Partition Functions and BF3

Those are the highlights of my week. Learning about the Partition function and working with hazardous boron trifluoride. Oh and there was a bromine spill in the labs in the building next to the one I was in. Thank goodness no one spilled any BF3!!

Anyways, other than school, its been off and on raining and sunny here. The tulips outside our place are half wilting, half blooming. But they are pink and yellow and they make me feel so cheery when I get home.

This week I haven't done as much cooking as I hoped. Lab on Tuesday took longer than I expected so we just grabbed some Kidd Valley burgers (garlic fries included!).

I have a midterm tomorrow so I'm meeting with a few people to study later tonight so there was no point in going home so I'm gonna just have good ole' Subway.

Just curious, but what's your favorite Subway sandwich? 

Mine is the Cold Cut Combo with Pepperjack cheese and tons of veggies :)

But so far this week I've made a Halibut and Asparagus Stir-Fry and Tomato and Basil Soup. The stir fry was delicious, but I hate how it makes your places smell like fish for a few days after!

The Tomato and Basil soup really hit the spot last night. It was cold and dreary out and a nice hot soup felt good. We sopped up the soup with an herbed baguette that had flecks of salt on them. Mmmmm.... I love soup!

Anyways, Tim should be back from his meeting any minute now so I should go.

Have a great evening!

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